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Turn Your Business into a Self-Sustaining Company that Drives Itself Toward Double-Digit Growth.

This precise approach has resulted in significant double-digit revenue growth following our partnership.

Your fastest growth strategy:

Clarity to Grow: Mapping Your Business Inside Out for Direct Growth

Over The Next 6 Modules...

We Are Going To Help You Unlock Business Clarity and Drive Growth Without Disrupting Your Current Workflow:


Business Clarity

An in-depth 6-module journey tailored for the busy business owner, offering profound insights, and CLARITY into their business workings without interrupting their everyday commitments.


Know Your Next Steps

Facing decisions on tech, hiring, or trends? This course is your strategic edge. It delivers a clear, personalized BUSINESS ROADMAP, guiding you to make informed, aligned choices. Save money immediately and secure long-term growth by investing in clarity that prevents costly missteps and ensures every step forward counts.


Module 1: Defining Process Phases

We'll break down your business operations into manageable phases, offering a structured approach to identify and define each key phase of your operational workflow, personalized to meet your specific needs.


Module 2: Mapping Activities, Touchpoints, and Pain Points

We will define the detailed activities, touchpoints, and pain points within each of your business process phases. These step are key for identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement. This comprehensive mapping enables targeted interventions that can significantly enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.


Module 3: Craft and Align Your Company Vision

We will guide you in articulating a clear and compelling company vision, ensuring that every operational step and decision is guided by and contributes to realizing your overarching goals and values.


Module 4: Tailored Strategic Solutions

Addressing identified pain points, we will collaborate to formulate actionable solutions, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage, tailored to your specific needs.


Module 5: Prioritization and Blueprint for Your Business

This phase is designed to determine the most impactful initiatives for your business. We'll employ a customized Business Journey Map to visualize and refine your entire business process flow. Furthermore, we'll construct a Priority Matrix, guiding you in prioritizing enhancements and ensuring an efficient allocation of resources, aligning with your strategic objectives.


Module 6: Create Your Project Execution Manual

In this module, we focus on the creation of a Project Execution Manual. This manual will serve as a valuable tool for translating strategic insights into practical actions. By developing this manual from optimized process maps, we aim to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for implementing improvements in daily operations tailored specifically to your business needs.

Plus, Get Access To These "Fast Action" Bonuses:


BONUS 1: Three Coaching Sessions

Three Bonus Coaching Sessions to deepen the personalized support and guidance offered throughout the program. These sessions are strategically distributed over the six weeks to ensure participants receive timely, targeted assistance that aligns with their evolving needs and the program's progression.

Bonus sessions will take place in between the modules.


BONUS 2: Customized Project Execution Template in ClickUp

If applicable to your business, we will create a customized ClickUp template for project execution. This digital template translates your Process Execution Manual into an actionable format within the ClickUp environment, fostering efficient project management.


BONUS 3: Three months of additional Slack support post-program*

The Three months of additional Slack support post-program" bonus offers extended, continuous support to participants after the completion of the main program. This benefit is designed to ensure that participants have ongoing access to guidance, resources, and community support as they begin to implement what they've learned into their daily business operation.

*3-month Slack support targets critical questions, aiding in applying key insights rather than ongoing, routine assistance.


BONUS 4: Streamlined Documentation Management with Notion

We will organize and centralize all the project deliverables within Notion, a leading productivity tool. This approach not only simplifies access to vital information but also enhances collaboration through real-time updates and customizable workspaces. By leveraging Notion, we ensure that every aspect of your project is meticulously organized and easily navigable, turning organization into a strategic asset for your success.

This is for your if...


You're Ready to Navigate Change

You're ready for CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION but find yourself held back by the lack of actionable insights. If you're feeling stranded and hesitant to shake things up in fear of disrupting your current operations


You're Looking for Clarity and Opportunity in Complex Challenges

You're a seasoned leader standing at a crossroads, searching for new perspectives to tackle complex challenges. Our program provides CLARITY to uncover untapped opportunities and refine strategies, guaranteeing that your decisions propel your business forward while avoiding stagnation.


You're Crafting Your Business Legacy

You're a business owner caught up in the daily grind, potentially missing crucial inefficiencies and misalignments. These oversights could be costing you valuable TIME, MONEY, and opportunities for GROWTH.

Start Your Change Today!

Hey, I'm Lorena Marcos

I'm Lorena, a results-oriented professional with a background in food biotechnology and a deep passion for helping others. I've led high-complexity projects in consumer companies in the corporate sphere, specializing in new product development, process improvement, and boosting productivity. My 15 years of international experience brings a unique global perspective to our work. I oversee the operations department, ensuring that our client projects progress smoothly and effectively. When I'm not immersed in work, you'll likely find me working out to stay energized or lost in a historic novel to unwind.

Hey, I'm Juan Erazo!

I'm Juan, a natural leader and problem-solver with a multifaceted background in engineering, telecommunications, IT auditing, and internal controls. My advanced training in management and leadership has been honed at industry giants like KPMG, Ernst & Young, and Heineken. I specialize in implementing digital transformation strategies, leveraging my extensive background in IT auditing and internal controls to ensure that these strategies are both innovative and secure. I'm the strategic and innovation element of our business, and the visionary behind Harmonise. When I'm not steering the business toward new heights, you'll find me at the gym keeping fit, experimenting with culinary creations in the kitchen, or engrossed in my latest course on emerging strategy concepts.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"Harmonise helped our construction company align key processes with employees, reducing waste and allowing us to focus on growing and diversifying our business. We increase our revenue 100%" (Process-Profit Roadmap, Strategy Roadmap, & People Roadmap)

OSCAR GARCÍA | Owner at Concrete & Masonry Solutions

"Harmonise helped professionalize our 50-year-old company and implement strategic changes that help us generate an increase of approx. 50% in our Net Income." (Process-Profit Roadmap, Strategy Roadmap, & People Roadmap)

ANDRÉS LÓPEZ | General Manager at Marcos Carretillas

"Harmonise's Consulting Suite was an eye-opener for us at Axis. Their keen insights and actionable plan set us on a path to increase operational efficiency by 20% in just the first quarter." (Process-Profit Roadmap, Strategy Roadmap, & People Roadmap)

ANGÉLICA SALAZAR | Founder at Axis Construction

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