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Finally experience the pride of An Overflowing Bank Account, awestruck high-paying clients, prospects lining up to buy from you, and a grateful family...

For Coaches & Agency Owners Looking to GET TO 100K/M FASTER...

For CEOs and Founders Wanting to Make their Everyday Tasks Easier and Boost Profits Quickly and Smoothly.

Get the Blueprint We Used to Streamline Business Operations and Enhance Profitability in Just 3 Hours.

...For less than the price of a high-end business seminar.


NOVEMBER 7 - 10, 2022

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You’re Just 3 Shifts Away From $100k Months and Real Freedom in Your Online Business.

Finally, feel the confidence of optimized operations, increased profits, and a more balanced entrepreneurial life.

Lead your business towards more efficient, profitable, and fulfilling operations with the Transforming Processes into Profit Workshop.


Finally experience the pride of An Overflowing Bank Account, awestruck high-paying clients, prospects lining up to buy from you, and a grateful family...

For Coaches & Agency Owners Looking to GET TO 100K/M FASTER...

Finally experience the pride of An Overflowing Bank Account, awestruck high-paying clients, prospects lining up to buy from you, and a grateful family...

For Coaches & Agency Owners Looking to GET TO 100K/M FASTER...


Finally experience the pride of An Overflowing Bank Account, awestruck high-paying clients, prospects lining up to buy from you, and a grateful family...

...Ultimate Freedom For less than the price of 3 chipotle burritos




Imagine stepping into your office, armed with knowledge of all the Initiatives your business requires over the Next Five Years. Our concise workshop, 'Transforming Processes into Profit' , spans two sessions over two days, filled with practical insights.

This workshop is not just about overcoming challenges; it's about strategically planning for Growth, aligning your investments with your Business Needs, and ensuring they resonate with your Core Values and Personal Aspirations.

Through expert guidance, you'll gain insights into identifying essential projects and initiatives needed over the next five years to scale your business and SAVE MONEY by focusing on necessary INVESTMENTS.

Join now for for less than the price of the price of a high-end business seminar..


Seats are limited in our transformative workshop to ensure personalized attention and optimal learning experience.

Hi, my name is...

Hi, my name is...


I'm the founder of Bulletproof Entrepreneur. We help business owners get unstuck and become unstoppable.
In the last 4 years, I've built two multiple 7-figure businesses, sold one of them in 2019, made over $4 Million and I've worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs on their business, mindset & finances.
But my journey probably started like yours...

Until 2017, I was terrified to look at my bank account...

I used to be the world's #1 "wantrepreneur". 
I had spent thousands on coaches, courses & masterminds on "how to build a business" in pursuit of time freedom & financial freedom... 
...and I had exactly nothing to show for it.

I was like most people...

  • I was on the income roller coaster

  • ​I was unsure how to structure anything

  • ​I was always disappointed with how much was in my account, despite working 50-60 hours per week

  • ​I was hoping that things would improve

  • ​I had a tough time paying for the things

  • ​I was in debt up to my eyeballs

  • ​I was disorganized, had no tracking

  • ​I didn't have a financial system

  • ​I was afraid to admit it

I was "feeling" my way through my business & finances...

And I hated the way I felt.
Something needed to change if I was ever going to hit my big goals.
In July, 2017, when my credit cards were maxed out at 20,000 and I could barely make the minimum payment, I frantically began searching for solutions.
I began feverishly reading books and watching youtube videos looking for answers. 
In my search, one quote jumped out and slapped me like Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars:

"Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone."

- Robert Kiyosaki

Story of my life. My money was "gone".
I stared at myself in the mirror and realized...

After 8 years of doing money "my way"...  I had to admit a hard truth... I didn't know what I was doing.

I had had enough of living this way... stressed, afraid, hoping, wishing... screw that.
I decided right then and there to commit myself to mastering my business and finances.

I was going to study and implement everything I could about how to build real wealth.
And, according to Robert Kiyosaki... The first step was to start by tracking my finances. 
So I did.
But nothing seemed to change for 10 months...

I kept educating myself...

I kept studying marketing, sales, operations, systems, money, income, credit, investing, economics and business...

Over time, I kept learning and implementing exactly what the top 1% are doing that the bottom 99% are not. 
Fast forward to today...


I made over $3.6 Million in just under 4 years.

I made over 4 Million in just under 4 years.

I don't say that to brag...
But I share that with you to show you that true freedom is possible if you just follow the right steps and have the right guidance...


This is a proven system that I designed specifically for the rapidly changing financial landscape of a coaching or agency business owner...

...As a result of 10 years of painful trial & error and 500k+ invested in books, courses, masterminds & seminars.

After implementing this system... I've been able to do some cool stuff, like:

  • Buy my dream car

  • ​Fly first class & occasionally private

  • ​Take exotic trips

  • ​Allow my wife to quit her job

  • ​Invest in more knowledge

  • ​Treat my family, friends & team to awesome experiences

  • ​Feel confident and in control of my financial game

And while all of those "high-end luxuries" would normally crush any dreams of "saving & wealth building"...

I've been able to do all of that AND grow a multi-million dollar net worth at the same time.

It's absolutely crazy how much your life can change once you increase your financial intelligence even just a little bit!
And, with this course, you can do it too. I guarantee it.

It's not as hard as you think.

There are just a few small tweaks you need to make and things will begin to accelerate quickly...
It's just math.
(and I used to hate math)
...but after I learned just a few key things, I started to like love it!

And I'm going to make it so stupid simple for you...


So, if you want to finally make a quantum leap in your business, cash flow & net worth...

You're in the right place.

I'm going to pull up the curtain - full transparency - and share with you exactly what to do to build a multimillion dollar net worth with your Coaching or Agency Business...
And where pretty much everyone is screwing up...
Even if you're starting from scratch.
But don't just take my word for it...

You can hear from a few more of my 500+ clients at the bottom of this page.

Keep reading if you:

  • Are a Coach, Consultant, Agency Owner or Service Provider

  • ​Are on the income roller coaster

  • ​Are not confident about your numbers or finances

  • ​Can't seem to keep the money you make

  • ​Don't know where to start or what to do next

  • Are overwhelmed by all the financial information out there

  • ​Don't have a tracking system set up

  • ​Are deciding what to focus on next in your business by how you feel or what you're interested in, rather than the data

  • ​Don't make money while you sleep

If you're experiencing ANY of that...

leaving this page could be the worst financial decision you'll ever make...

I'm here to help you avoid that, and 84 other common financial mistakes.
I've taken my entire financial journey (so far)...
My process, my tracking, my systems, my structures...
What worked and what didn't...
Documented it, and neatly organized it into a step by step blueprint that I recently took my top 30 clients through during a 3-day live event.
And now I've packaged it up and I'm giving it to you.

This program could very well be the difference between the life and death of your business & financial future...



My name is John Whiting and in the past 4 years I’ve built two multi-7-figure businesses - one marketing agency and one coaching company. So I've learned a thing or two about building a successful business.

Since 2018, I've made over 4 Million - and have worked with over 1,000 coaches, consultants & agency owners to help them scale to 10k, 50k, 100k, even 1M a month and beyond. You can scroll through hundreds of testimonials at the bottom of this page… 

But that's just the highlight reel of my success...

What most people didn't see is the life I lived for a very long time with constant self-sabotage... Waking up every day overwhelmed and depressed pretending I had everything under control and white-knuckling through life… 

When in reality, I was constantly attacked by waves of anxiety filled with thoughts of 'ending' everything or being found out that I was a fake or a phony.

"Transforming Processes into Profit" workshop

Enroll Now to Get Instant Access to:

Gain Crystal-Clear Business Insight

Dive into engaging activities that highlight what makes your business unique and where you can shine even brighter. It's about uncovering the hidden gems in your operation that are waiting to be polished.

Value: $300

Find Your Focus and Boost Efficiency

Learn the art of zeroing in on what truly matters in your business to work smarter, not harder. This is about cutting through the clutter to enhance your business’s heartbeat.

Value: $300

Smooth Your Customer's Journey

Identify simple yet powerful ways to make your customers' experience smoother and more enjoyable, turning them into raving fans and repeat buyers.

Value: $300

Align Your Dream with Your Daily Grind

Reconnect with your business's bigger picture and ensure your daily efforts are in harmony with your ultimate goals. It’s about making your dream business and lifestyle a reality.

Value: $200

Make Smarter Decisions

Discover how to effortlessly make decisions that steer your business toward success, saving you time and money. Think of it as learning to navigate your business with a compass that always points to gold.

Value: $200

Small Steps to Big Business Impact

Walk away with a simple plan to start small, impactful initiatives that will significantly move your business forward, turning your vision into action.

Value: $200

The "Transforming Processes into Profit" workshop is your gateway to a more efficient, profitable, and fulfilling business journey.

"Harmonise helped professionalize our 50-year-old company and implement strategic changes that help us generate an increase of approx. 50% in our Net Income."

ANDRÉS LÓPEZ | General Manager at Marcos Carretillas

"Harmonise helped our construction company align key processes with employees, reducing waste and allowing us to focus on growing and diversifying our business. We increase our revenue 100% after our Growth Accelerator Partnership program."

OSCAR GARCÍA | Founder at Concrete & Masonry Solutions

And When You Act Fast, You'll Get Access To These Bonuses!

Enroll Now to Get Instant Access to:

Additional materials and tools available online for continued learning.

Additional materials and tools available online for continued learning.

Value: $100

Post-Workshop Support Session

A follow-up session to discuss implementation and progress.

Value: $200

Direct Access to Expert Post-Workshop Support via Slack

Unlock exclusive access to our expert team through a dedicated Slack channel as a bonus for joining "Transforming Processes into Profit." This unique feature allows you to directly engage with our specialists for post-workshop support.

Value: $200


Don't miss the chance to enhance your business's future with achievable steps. Think of this workshop as having a coach and strategist by your side, guiding you towards gradual but impactful improvements. It's an opportunity for growth that respects your pace and your business's unique context.


Join "Transforming Processes into Profit" with confidence. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, we offer an easy refund process. We're committed to your success and offer this No-Risk Promise because we believe in the value we deliver.


Transforming Processes into Profit is a transformative two-day workshop designed for CEOs and founders of small & medium-sized enterprises. In just 3 hours, you'll learn how to align your business operations with your personal goals, leading to enhanced profitability and personal fulfillment. This hands-on workshop, valued at over $2000, is available for a fraction of the cost of a high-end business seminar. With limited seats available, this is your opportunity to not just learn, but to transform your business journey. Enroll now!

"Transforming Processes into Profit" workshop

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Register Now To Receive:

  • Gain Crystal-Clear Business Insight

    (Value: $300)

  • Find Your Focus and Boost Efficiency

    (Value: $300)

  • Smooth Your Customer's Journey

    (Value: $300)

  • Align Your Dream with Your Daily Grind

    (Value: $200)

  • Make Smarter Decisions}

    (Value: $200)

  • Small Steps to Big Business Impact

    (Value: $200)

Plus, Access To These Bonuses!

  • Additional materials and tools available online for continued learning.

    (Value: $200)

  • Post-Workshop Support Session

    (Value: $200)

  • Process Improvement System Blueprint

    (Value: $100)


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Is this workshop suitable for businesses in specific industries?

The workshop is designed for various industries, focusing on universal principles of business process optimization.

What if I can't attend all the live sessions?

Recordings will be available, but attending live is highly recommended for the full experience. **FAQ 3:**

How interactive are the workshop sessions?

Sessions include Q&A, discussions, and exercises for an engaging and interactive experience.

What is the participant capacity for the workshop?

We limit the number of participants to ensure a personalized and impactful learning experience.

Is there any post-workshop support available?

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-workshop support to enhance your learning experience. After completing the Transforming Processes into Profit" workshop, you will be invited to a group support session, lasting 1 hour. This session is a crucial part of your post-workshop journey, offering a platform to discuss implementation strategies, share your progress, and tackle any challenges you're encountering. It’s a valuable opportunity to gain further insights, receive feedback, and learn from the collective experiences of the group.

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